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"We are more than a store for guys. We are building a culture of men who dare to be uncommon."

We aren't entirely sure where this story begins to be honest. We (Wes & Anthony) have had this idea for years and years, but it was always one of those that got pushed to the back burner for whatever reason. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown? We had never worked in retail before, let alone own a retail store. We own a few other businesses together and for years have seen a need for a men's retail store in Burleson, TX. Burleson is a city that is growing quickly with a ton of great businesses coming to town. Despite the amazing boutique options for women, there is just nothing for guys. We found ourselves shopping online or driving to Fort Worth. Finally in 2023 we decided we would go for it. We wanted to bring the brands we'd grown to know and love to our town. 

Community is everything to us. We love being deeply involved in our small town. But it doesn't just end there. Our vision is to offer more than a store for guys. We are building a culture of men who dare to be uncommon. What do we mean by that? We're glad you asked. 

The Uncommon Man is one who abhors the ordinary and chases down a life of greatness. In a world of increasingly blurred lines he stands apart and holds fast to the old school values and morals of manliness. He rises above. He works hard. He's humble on the mountain tops and determined in valleys. He's courageous and kind. He's uncommon, and he's just fine with that.

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The Community of
Uncommon Men


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