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Whiskey Nights is an incredible night of fellowship and connection centered around a featured whiskey brand. We have found that whiskey helps foster community and connection regardless of background, beliefs, or ethicity. It's a beautiful thing, and we hope that you will join us. 


This event is a *Private Event* from 7p-9p and a ticket is required to attend. 


Our friends from TX Whiskey will be joining us to share samples of their whiskeys and other delicious offerings. Per the usual, our buddies across town at Wilde Cigar Lounge will be here as well with some special offers and exclusive options. 


Come join us for a few pours and a smoke! 


AFTER PURCHASE: There will be a link on the "Thank You" page after purchase AND a link will be emailed to you as well to download your ticket(s). 




*Must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event.


*No smoking is permited inside the store. Smokers must enjoy their stick outdoors.


*We do not endorse nor encourage drinking and driving. Please arrange safe transportation to and from this event.


*Any and all alcohol provided is done so as a free sample. There is no charge for any of the alcohol. The purchase of the event ticket is stricly to grant access to the event.


*Our staff and those of Still Austin reserve the right to deny alcohol samples to anyone at any time.


*Security will be present at this event.

Whiskey Nights (Burleson)


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